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Located on the Eastern Coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe, Estonia has vast quantities of untouched nature, a low population density, and a fast growing organic farming culture, combined with determined and tech-savvy minds.

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Organic Estonia Goals

Organic Estonia sees our country as rich, clean, responsible and in harmony with nature, becoming a worldwide model for sustainable and balanced development. Our mission is to discover ways of bringing people, businesses, and the country, to find ways of moving towards an Estonia that operates first and foremost, as a smart organic country.

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Map of organic areas and air monitoring

The map of Estonian organic areas gives an overview of organic fields, harvesting areas, and apiaries. The International Air Surveillance Map provides you with real time air monitoring results from around the world.

Map of organic areas Air surveillance map

Being organic begins with a state of mind

Being organic is a lifestyle you carry with you daily, beginning with the smallest of actions.

How to live a more organic life?

Organic products

You can recognize an organic or natural product or service by the organic label. Here you will find the best selection of organic companies that Estonia has to offer.

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Organic ambassadors

Valdur Mikita once said that there are plenty of people in the world who’ve been to Paris, but very few who’ve gone mushroom-picking. That’s what I, Cantharellus Cibarius, told him.

Cantharellus cibarius Cantharellus cibarius or the Golden chanterelle

From my childhood I remember this twinkling little dot high up in the sky one spring. It was a lark. Of summer I recall the smell of newly made birch whisks and the sauna as the sun began to set. The taste of my grandma’s bread, fresh from the oven, with homemade butter. And my grandad teaching me how to tap a birch tree in spring, and the wonderful taste of its juice, which to a child was sweeter than lemonade.

These smells, tastes, sounds and memories need to be preserved intact. Not so that our children and grandchildren have to experience them digitally! Organic Estonia is an initiative that takes steps to preserve all this. That’s why we’re supporting the project, so we can be sure our children will have the same unsullied memories.

Margus Siilik CEO of Okkastyle OÜ

Organic land is the rarest and most expensive commodity in the world. We’ve been able to hang on to ours because in us lives the knowledge that we are children of the Sun and the Earth. That we all come from one big egg. That we’re all connected. We are one. When you share good things, or even just show them to others, give them a glimpse, you can have more of them, power grows, beauty grows and multiplies. I like the idea of Organic Estonia. That is the real Estonia. Really ours. A well-kept secret. A beautiful gem of the far north. Love.

Evelin Ilves tervisliku toitumise mõtteviisi edendaja, Eesti esileedi 2006-2015


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