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Located on the Eastern Coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe, Estonia has vast quantities of untouched nature, a low population density, and a fast growing organic farming culture, combined with determined and tech-savvy minds.

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Organic Estonia Goals

Organic Estonia sees our country as rich, clean, responsible and in harmony with nature, becoming a worldwide model for sustainable and balanced development. Our mission is to discover ways of bringing people, businesses, and the country, to find ways of moving towards an Estonia that operates first and foremost, as a smart organic country.

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Map of organic areas and air monitoring

The map of Estonian organic areas gives an overview of organic fields, harvesting areas, and apiaries. The International Air Surveillance Map provides you with real time air monitoring results from around the world.

Map of organic areas Air surveillance map

Being organic begins with a state of mind

Being organic is a lifestyle you carry with you daily, beginning with the smallest of actions.

How to live a more organic life?

Organic products

You can recognize an organic or natural product or service by the organic label. Here you will find the best selection of organic companies that Estonia has to offer.

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To be successful, you need to be aware of your strengths and make use of the resources available to you.

Estonia’s greatest assets are its untouched nature and clean water – qualities that are becoming increasingly difficult to access in other parts of the world, and their prices are constantly rising. We should be developing what we have – creating more of that goodness – protecting the untouched and growing cleanly and organically!

Yoko Alender Yoko Alender, MP

Organic Estonia means the rapid recovery of the economy, rapid growth in exports, swapping out intensive agriculture for organic farms, establishing permaculture as a way of thinking, improving people’s mental and physical health in ways you simple can’t measure in money, and above all faith. Not in the religious sense, you understand, but faith that a different world is possible. This is the best opportunity we have to truly do ourselves and the rest of the world some good. And an organic Estonian state isn’t just possible, but necessary and indeed inevitable.

Roy Strider writer and promoter of the eco-state

Virtually every Estonian has some place they go to feel at one with nature. In Kodavere, near Lake Peipsi, my family’s ancestral farm where I go to recharge my batteries. From it I bring back with me to the city the smell of smoked fish and the buzz of bees on summer evenings. I want to keep the memory of the wonderful moments I’ve had by the lake and village alive for my children, too. Let’s preserve our organic Estonia for future generations as well!

Krista Kulderknup leader of Organic Estonia


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