Nature Design OÜ is a small family business that started from our family’s need and wish to eat healthier food and live a healthier life. After a while we decided to go public and start offering the same to other people. So here we are, offering great food and other human and eco-friendly products. We also sell in bulk as a wholesaler and distributor to businesses and retailers.

We in Greenest believe that organic food should be reasonably priced. Instead of random discount campaigns we just keep the prices as low as possible all the time. Also, we love to advise and consult our customers as there is so much to discover in the world of organic food.

Food – the most basic needs, something you can’t live without. If something plays such an important roll in your life it should be only of the highest quality. That’s why we’ve built the biggest organic food shop in Northern Europe – more than 2300 high quality organic food products!
Organic food vs. regular food – is there difference at all?

Several studies have found that organic food generally contains higher levels of antioxidants and certain micronutrients such as vitamin C, zinc and iron.

In fact, antioxidant levels can be up to 69% higher in organic food.

One study also found that organically grown berries and corn contained 58% more antioxidants and up to 52% higher amounts of vitamin C.

Higher antioxidant content, as we know, helps protect cells from damage. Animal studies show that organic diets may benefit growth, reproduction and boost the immune system.

Thus, your body will be thankful if you allow it consume high quality fuel.
Another impression what most people might have is that organic food is extremely expensive but that’s wrong, at our shop you can see that some products have cheaper prices than in big supermarkets. So, we are here to change this impression – organic food has never before had so friendly prices as now in

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