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As Saaremaa Piimatööstus belongs to the farmers of the islands, we control the entire chain from the pastures where the cows eat to the quality of the finished product. The raw material comes to production from close proximity, so the milk is fresh and ‘little shaken’.

Saaremaa, where our industry and producers are located, is known for its pure untouched nature and natural pastures rich in species. The advantage of our products is the use of raw materials produced in an ecologically clean environment, as well as following the long-term experience and good production practices of qualified specialists in production.

Cheese has been made in Saaremaa since 1569, and we have long-term experience in exporting our high-quality and unique products. Saaremaa Piimatööstus has about 300 years of experience in the production of Edam, Gouda and Tilsiter type cheeses.

In addition to ordinary milk, Saaremaa Piimatööstus also uses organic milk as a raw material. Organic products are certified, which confirms that they meet all the requirements, and that the cows’ feed is GMO-free.
All our other dairy products also bear the label “Clean product”, which certifies that we do not use preservatives in our products.
We like to use environmentally friendly packaging that is easy for consumers to sort as waste.

After launching the Purepak line, curd line, automated cheese line and new butter line, we are one of the most modern production companies in Estonia.

In our product portfolio you will find Estonia’s most beloved butter, exclusive Old Saare cheese and organic milk and cheese that breathe genuine nature.

Our great advantage is the raw material from the island. The abundance of plant species and a lot of sun give the milk a more aromatic taste, which is also characteristic of our products.

We have always followed the traditions of cheese and butter product. We have also built our technology and production line, enabling us to maintain the skills passed down from generation to generation. Our goal is to produce products that are of high quality, without preservatives and natural.

Our selection includes Gouda, Edam, Tilsiter and Cheddar type cheeses.
For a more demanding taste, there is a selection of high-fat whole milk cheeses, low-fat cheese, and long-aged cheese, which we age in separate cellars at higher temperatures for more than six months. This allows for a stronger aftertaste compared to regular sandwich cheese.

An important part of us is also the unique smoked cheeses typical of Saaremaa, in the production of which we use natural alder and juniper chips. It is worth trying the island aroma cheeses made of smoked Kadaka cheese and the exclusive long-aged Old Saare cheese.
We offer sandwich cheeses in 150- 900 g resealable slice packages, 200 g-15 kg blocks, cubes or grated.

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