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The meadow (nurm in Estonian) holds a very special place in my heart. It’s a magical land from my childhood, a place that always brought me joy, was full of surprises and when needed, offered comfort. Every year the meadow was awash with flowers and every year they were a bit different. Even now the meadow is a symbol of peace for me. It’s the untouched nature, the ever-changing sky, and the air fragrant with the sweet aroma of flowers. Meadow is a place to recharge your batteries, gather strength and relax – so you can make a fresh start with new power.

Nurme way of life values both physical and spiritual contentment and living in harmony with nature. We believe that to live a happy and active life it’s essential to listen to your body. Good health begins with taking care of yourself, laughing a lot, and enjoying your life! I want to offer all of this to everybody with Nurme products. We do not compromise on ingredients and quality. Every soap, cream, shampoo, oil – all products in our product range are made by hand, using only the best raw materials. In addition to domestic meadow species, our products also contain valuable oilseeds that help your skin and hair survive harsh winters. Unfortunately, avocados, olives, coconuts, and shea nuts do not grow in our climate.

Every member of your family can use Nurme’s products for the care of their whole body. You can use Nurme’s products for the sauna or enjoy a relaxing bath. Nurme has thought about the mothers, fathers and also about the smallest in the family. Different products have different characteristics. After all, every flower is unique and stubborn. There are dreamily tender chamomile, vigorous juniper, romantic lavender and crazy coconut. Everything gently, mildly, cleanly, and smoothly – just enough to pamper the skin and senses.

I put a wreath on my head, of flowers that I picked myself. The buzz of diligent bees. Fresh plants can be collected in the basket, which will already be drying on the shelf by the evening. The spirit and soul of the meadow are also put into each cup, bottle and box.


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