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The story of Minna Sahver began with a little boy who put his hand out and asked for candy. This gave his mother Siret the impetus to start making fruit jelly sweets, which were named Minna in honour of her beloved grandmother. Thus, Minna Jellies are like a bridge between generations. Hidden inside each candy, there is a memory of grandma’s berry bushes, fruit trees, vegetable garden, pantry and preserves made with love and care. Minna Jellies are made by hand from organic raw materials. By now, in addition to fruit juice, the candies taste of juniper, nettle, gin and the marshes of Raplamaa. In total, there are more than 30 different flavours on offer, making Minna Sahver the jelly candy producer with the largest selection in Estonia, offering unique flavours from both the garden and the forest!
May we all have some sweet moments in our lives!

Summers are short in the Nordic countries. The enticing berries in the forest and in the gardens barely have time to ripen before the autumn winds show their sharp teeth. But the people of the North are smart – over the centuries, they have developed many clever ways to preserve all these sweet and healthy berries and fruits from pure nature over the long winter.

Minna Jellies are a delicious and healthy treat inspired by ancient traditions, perfect for the modern fast pace of life. Soft jelly sweets that melt in your mouth are handmade from ecologically clean ingredients and are suitable for everyone with a sweet tooth, because we use wholly plant-based natural agar-agar as a gelling agent in Minna Jellies.

Delicate and aromatic Minna jelly sweets take you back to warm summer days from the very first bite. They offer a wonderful taste experience bursting with the genuine flavours of the berries and fruits grown in the gardens and forests in pure northern nature. Close your eyes and just enjoy! Leave your daily worries behind. Instead, find yourself somewhere far away, in another world – picking ripe blueberries straight from the shrubs in a sunny pine forest, or munching on a juicy apple that has fallen from a tree on a crisp summer morning.

No wonder Estonians love jelly sweets so much! We believe that they can be something much more than just a treat. A small handmade jelly candy is packed with tender care, the warmth of summer days and the freedom of wilderness. Our jelly candies are packed in beautiful high-quality packages, making them a welcome sweet gift to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Give the pure flavourful Minna Jellies as a present to your loved ones or why not treat yourself? You are certainly worth it!

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