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TSAU KAKAO is an Estonian brand that makes making cocoa much easier than before – you only need to add water to get the drink. Low sugar content and organic raw materials together with useful additives result in a tasty and healthy drink.

We have two product groups: Wellness cocoas and Functional cocoas. Wellness cocoas have a simple composition, for example Milk cocoa, Oat cocoa, Children’s cocoa, as well as cocoa with the natural sweetener erythritol. Functional cocoas are more exclusive, developed to support the body’s functions, containing mineral-rich raw cocoa and several tonic additives, for example Morning cocoa with Lion’s Mane powder, Vitality cocoa with collagen, and Well sleep cocoa with added magnesium and Reishi powder.

All cocoas are available in two variants: with protein-rich whole milk powder and a vegan variant with lactose- and gluten-free oat drink powder.

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Tiia Rodi

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