Pinchos and foodtech company launch 3D printed “meat” in Sweden

Two dishes with 3D-printed plant-based meat are now offered at Pincho’s five Stockholm restaurants.
Per Larsson, food development manager at Pinchos, with 3D-pinted meat. 
Photo: Pinchos

The Israeli foodtech company Redefine Meat was the first with 3D printed alternative meat. Now the plant-based products are starting to be served at Pinchos, which will be the first major restaurant operator in Sweden to offer 3D-printed “meat”. 

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Soy, wheat, vegetable oils, spices and dried vegetables are the ingredients of the plant-based meat that is produced with the help of a 3D printer and which Redefine Meat calls New Meat.

– The taste and texture of the 3D printed meat mimics traditional meat to a very high degree, and I think many meat lovers will find it difficult to feel the difference when they taste, says Per Larsson, food development manager at Pinchos.

Redefine Meat first introduced its products in restaurants back home in Israel. In 2021, the company took the step to Europe. Dishes based on New Meat products then began to be served at, among others, the restaurant chain Marco Pierre White Steak House in Great Britain and at celebrity chef Ron Blaauw’s Michelin restaurant Ron Gastrobar in the Netherlands.

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Pincho’s dishes based on 3D printed plant-based meat, a burger and a grilled version of flank steak served on a toasted levain bread. 
Photo: Pinchos

At Pinchos, which serves small dishes from all cuisines of the world, they are convinced that the 3D printed non-animal meat will revolutionize the market. 

– Over the past two years, we have changed large parts of our menu with a clear focus on quality and flavoring. We are also fundamentally an innovative tech-driven company and launching 3D printed meat on the menu is just one example of how we continue to drive innovation forward in the restaurant industry. We believe that the technology is a big step for a more sustainable future for the food industry, says Patrik Back, CEO of Pinchos.

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Two new dishes with the 3D printed “meat” are now on Pincho’s menu: New Meat Ch**sy Burger and New Meat Steak Sandwich.

First up are the Stockholm restaurants on Norrlandsgatan, Alströmergatan and Folkungagatan as well as in Hammarby Sjöstad and Signalfabriken in Sundbyberg. The products with non-animal meat will then be rolled out across the country during the rest of the year.

Redefine Meat’s printer. 
Photo: Redefine Meat

Redefine Meat sells printers and cartridges to food suppliers, who in turn can print and distribute the products. The “ink” consists of plant-based ingredients. To create the muscle texture, it also contains fat from the plants and natural colors to mimic the blood in the meat and create the same juiciness.

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