Over our many years of operations we have noticed among our clients that more and more young families and older family members who have revered the heritage of their elders since early childhood are looking for alternatives to ordinary medications that honour the traditions of folk medicine.

For this reason, we have been developing and making natural health products from pure Estonian ingredients since 2002. Our aim is to combine the wisdom of our elders with modern knowledge of the natural sciences and thereby create pure products that are close to nature.

Our company was originally founded by sea-buckthorn berry growers with the aim to bring the many benefits of these berries to consumers via a range of products.

Over the years our selection has grown significantly, and we now offer a variety of natural products – everything from tasty additions to your day-to-day meals to products designed to boost your immune system and alleviate the acute symptoms of colds.

Our ointments and syrups are very effective against colds and are useful for skin care in the case of acne, athlete’s foot, scratches and other minor wounds. Moreover, all of our salves are antibacterial. Our product range also includes unique, healthy oils and some amazing additives to complement gourmet food.

We are constantly working to develop new products, in which we partner with the Institute of Pharmacy of the University of Tartu and the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology of Tallinn University of Technology.

All Tervix products are:

*made from pure, natural Estonian ingredients;

*free from synthetic substances and preservatives;

*suitable for all ages (including babies); and

*made by hand in Estonia

Our mission is to offer the clients the purest possible products our local nature has to offer, and therefore almost 90% of the ingredients are of Estonian origin and very carefully selected by our own product development team.

Of course, we still make use of more exotic ingredients, such as eucalyptus-, pine- and tea tree oil, but we carefully vet our suppliers and test all products before using them.

The nearly 20 years of experience have given us the confidence that we are on the right track and that the tools Mother Nature has given us to maintain and improve our health are the key to surviving in these northern climes and difficult times.