• SECTOR: Organic food
  • 100% from nature
  • Veterinary and Food Board: EE-ÖKO-02

Saidafarm OÜ is an ecological farm owned by 8 people and created in 1992. Since its inception, our farm has never used chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We are convinced that fertilizing our fields solely with manure compost enables us to produce healthy milk and milk products. When we began as an ecological farm, we looked to Swedish, Finnish and German farmers for inspiration.


We have been processing all our milk in our small dairy since 1994. The farm’s truck delivers our delicious products to the consumers five days a week. We produce various types of curd, cream cheese, yoghurt and cheese. We produce a total of 19 different products that are sure to satisfy both the sweet-tooth and the cheese fanatic. The customers’ favourites include our cocoa and raising curds, cream cheeses with kama and sea buckthorn jam, Saida cheeses with cumin and garlic and dill, as well as our soft feta-like white cheese with herbs. Many of our products have been awarded the Approved Estonian Taste (barn swallow) quality label.

Saidafarm OÜ