JOIK story began in the year 2005 when the company was the first in Estonia to start producing high quality scented soy wax candles. JOIK’s founder Eva-Maria was searching for scented high quality candles for dark winter nights…Finding suitable candles turned out to be harder than expected…She discovered that a suitable alternative to paraffin is natural soy wax and the next step was to find desired aromas. The process of getting the candles exactly right was a long one and full of nuances. However, it was worth all the efforts as the result was a creation of miraculously smelling and clean burning candles that fascinated everyone who had a chance to use them. Inspired by the success of the candles, natural cosmetics were added to the line, from soaps, bath and body products, hand and foot care products to facial care products.

Our values. JOIK main values are being efficient and honest, natural and caring for nature and creating emotions. We make sure that our products are effective and do what they promise. We add exactly as much active ingredients, so your skin is thankful. We want to offer everyone a wonderful moment in their day to enjoy a beautiful and great-smelling product, knowing that both your skin and our environment are thankful.

Our name. The name JOIK comes from the word „joik“ – the ancient singing style of nature-loving Sami people. Joik is a unique form of cultural expression, conveying emotions and describing people, animals and nature. Joik carries on traditions but is at the same time in constant development and in line with contemporary world. JOIK as a brand is similar – we treasure old knowledge of using nature for our wellbeing and health, but we evolve constantly and create products that combine best natural ingredients with modern science and create positive emotions.

Our customer. Our customer is a strong independent woman, who knows her value. She cares for herself, but is not self-centered. She believes that everybody can make a difference. She values natural, she does not want to become someone else, but emphasize her strenghts. She looks for a beauty product that is effective and believes nature is powerful. But she also likes to be pampered – she likes small treats, hedonistic moments, time for herself, emotions from nice things and good scents. A guilt-free pleasure.

Our brands. JOIK is divided into two brands: JOIK Organic range holds face and body care products certified according to COSMOS standard by EcoCert. JOIK Home & spa range holds wide selection of scented soy wax candles, room fragrances and several natural home spa products, which are also classified as natural cosmetics and are least 97% of natural origin.