Rhubarb & Hibiscus Spritz 250ml

Punch Drinks is a new age drinks manufacturer, which is based in Tallinn, Estonia. Our production methods combine science with mixology, which allows us to capture virtually every flavour possible. In our highly secret cocktail laboratory, we craft experiences and flavours which take form in our organic beverages and gin cocktails. Our drinks are made from natural infusions – meaning we use real plants, spices and herbs to craft our beverages and cocktails. We do not use any artificial flavouring or preservatives.

Gin cocktail with raw Estonian rhubarb juice and infused with hibiscus leaves. It is a rather sour cocktail with refreshing aftertaste. We infuse our craft gin with hibiscus blossoms that are grown in South Africa. This turns the gin ruby red before we add organic rhubarb juice which is grown and pressed on the fields of South Estonia by a third generation rhubarb farmer called Leo