Rejuvenating Day Cream 50ml

Rejuvenating day cream to prevent premature aging.

Rejuvenating daycream targets three main causes of premature skin aging: lack of moisture, environmental stress and lack of energy.Rejuvenating daycream is powered with a unique plant derived skin-identical moisture complex that binds to skin surface like a magnet, locking in moisture and strengthening skin’s natural defences to prevent further dehydration. Hyaluronic acid and a patented active calcium 2-ketogluconate moisturise, promote skin renewal, protect skin from moisture loss and restore skin elasticity.Polysaccharides rich tree fern extract provides a natural lifting and skin tightening effect which immediately reduces the appearance of fine lines and enhances skin elasticity.

Organic argan oil acts as an effective moisturiser, gives skin a youthful glow and reduces the visibility of wrinkles leaving skin feeling plumper and softer.

Environmental factors such as air pollution, citydust and sundamage are among the main reasons for premature skin aging.

Extracts from watercress, nettle, field horsetail, Budleia Davidii and thyme protect skin from environmental stress and increase skin’s natural defences. Organic sacha inchi oil is a strong skin renewal stimulator, helps to improve skin elasticity and to recover from environmental pollution induced stress and damage.

Lack of energy makes skin lifeless and dull – a powerful combination of caper flower, mulberry and rhodiola rosea extracts boosts skin’s energy supply and improves radiance, skin appears younger and visibly energized.