Organic Vegetable Broth 350ml / 750ml / 2L

MAKING BROTH IS A FULL-TIME JOB. BUT NOT FOR YOU. If you start making broth after work, it won’t be ready until the next morning. Proper broth must simmer for 12 hours. Broth is serious business. For this reason you won’t find a single suspicious ingredient listed on this package. No preservatives, no aroma- or flavor enhancers. They’re not needed, because authentic ingredients create the best flavor.
So what should you do with this serious broth? Add vegetables and meat and you’ve got soup. Use it to make restaurant-quality sauce. Boil dumplings in the broth and serve in a bowl. Or perhaps a stew or another family recipe. Our broth is made mostly from Estonian ingredients, making it so natural and complete that you don’t even have to add water.
– Helgor and Indrek
Food Studio founders (but first and foremost cooks)

Our chefs at Food Studio have taken their time and cooked the best organic vegetable broth for you! The preparation takes at least 12 hours – only through long cooking vegetables and herbs unfold their full taste. We use as many regional ingredients as possible in the production process.