Organic IPA 6,5% vol 33cl


Brew Master Marius’s diary: 29 May 2011, Flam, Norway

“There is too much shoving on the paved sidewalk I am standing on and little personality. Production, walking in formation … a lack of soul. I step up into the brew master’s workroom… I encounter an aroma and taste nuances … seemingly bitter, but more reminiscent of grapefruit, and yet enjoyably sweet… even hours later my taste buds are excited by the unique character of this beer… I will brew MUDDIS INDIA PALE ALE.”

A few tips for pairing MUDDIS INDIA PALE ALE with food:

  • Blue cheeses
  • Spicy, traditional Asian-style dishes
  • Grilled meats


Sektor: Jook
Kontrollasutus: Veterinaar- ja toiduamet (EE-ÖKO-02)