Organic humic fertilizer and soil improver

Organic humic fertilizer and soil improver.

Increases root respiration and root formation, thereby provoking a stronger root system; Facilitates absorption of nutrients and increase of cation exchange capacity; Provides energy and nutrition source to beneficial organisms that influence plant health and soil fertility; Enhances the aeration of soil and increase water retention of heavy and compact soils; Decreases the losses of water and nutrients in lighter, sandy soils; Minimizes erosion by creating stronger root systems; Increases the ability to achieve higher quality crop; Enhances the performances of fertilizers; Increases strike rates and root growth of seeds; There is no waste in the production of TURPs, the best example of a circular economy.

Confirmation of the Estonian Agricultural Board: “This product is suitable for use in organic production in accordance with
the requirements of Commission Regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and 889/2008″.