Organic Golden Root Vodka 40% vol 0,5l


This vodka is made of 100% Estonian ingredients using the classic method of Estonian flavored vodka. The golden root that we use in this vodka, has been grown in the rich soil of Saare Farm in Tartu County for at least 10 years – that’s how we know that it has its best qualities. The spirit is burned from winter grains of a certain region of Estonia.

A few tips on how to enjoy your GOLDEN ROOT vodka:

  • straight in a shot glass: 4cl at +5°C
  • in an on-the-rocks glass: 4cl with 2 ice cubes
  • as a cocktail in a highball glass: 4cl with 20cl of premium tonic and ice cubes
  • as a hot drink: 4cl in 20cl of black tea