Organic Chicken Bone Broth 350ml / 750ml / 2L

THERE ARE MORE EXCITING THINGS IN LIFE THAN COOKING BROTH FOR 12 HOURS. BUT NOT FOR US. Real broth is cooked for 12 hours. Of course there’s the temptation to do something else, but broth is serious business. Especially chicken broth. For this reason you won’t find a single suspicious ingredient in this package – no preservatives, no aroma- or flavor enhancers. They’re not needed, because authentic ingredients create the best flavor.
All that’s left for you is to make a great meal. Add vegetables and noodles and you’ve got soup. Make risotto, boil frikadelle, or anything else. You can even just warm it up to drink—it’s a great way to start or finish your day. Our chicken broth is here and ready to serve you. You don’t even have to add water.
– Helgor and Indrek
Food Studio founders (but first and foremost cooks)

Our chefs at Food Studio have taken their time and cooked the best organic chicken bone broth for you! The preparation of our premium bone broth takes at least 12 hours – only due to the long cooking process the bones and marrow can develop their full taste and release their valuable nutrients into the broth. All ingredients are 100% from organic farming. We use as many regional ingredients as possible in our production. The bones originate from organic free range chicken.