Melissa lip balm 20g

The miraculous honey plant melissa is a powerful natural medicine that brings a refreshing feeling to the lips. The balm nourishes and invigorates lips, relieves roughness and protects from moisture loss.

Star ingredients: Castor oil’s high concentration of ricinoleic acid makes this cold pressed oil very unique. Because of its unsaturated fatty acids, this oil has many remarkable skin care features. Prickly pear seed oil is known for its bioactive compounds that nourish, restore, moisturize, heal and soothe the skin and slow down the skin aging process. It also protects the skin from the harm of external factors. Organic cocoa butter consists of vitamin E and omega-9 fatty acids which keep the skin deeply moisturized. What makes this product special? Melissa lip balm’s creamy texture makes Your lips more luscious. It’s made of 100% plant-based ingredients only: olive oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, avocado butter, sunflower butter and prickly pear seed oil. The fantastic aroma comes from melissa essential oil. Organic, handmade and natural. The product is free of preservatives, chemical and animal products, synthetic fragrances and colourants. It has not been tested on animals.

Sektor: Kosmeetika