LUUV Magnesium body cream

  • for everyday use
  • moisturizing effect – does not dry the skin
  • does not leave salt deposits on the skin
  • suitable for the whole family, including children to relieve growth pains also suitable for pregnant women COSMOS / ECOCERT certificate / recognized

VEGAN LUUV Magnesium cream is a transdermal method to absorb magnesium. Use it daily to prevent/reduce magnesium deficiency and muscle aches and tensions. The cream is made from 100% natural ingredients. Natural magnesium chloride absorbs better through the skin, reducing magnesium deficiency in the fastest way. Coconut oil, similar to skin’s own lipids, helps people with dry skin to absorb magnesium better. Essential oils stimulate blood circulation, and give the cream a pleasant aroma. LUUV Magnesium cream moisturizes and softens the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and for children or elderly people