Hemp oil 250ml, organic

TJ Bio (TammeJuure Bio Farm) hemp oil is with nutty taste, green color and healthiness. 100% organically produced self-grown fresh raw material (hemp seeds), cold-pressed, unrefined. Estonian people awarded this product as The Best Organic Product 2013! Hemp oil is suitable for food, skin and hair: full of Omega 3 fatty acids that keep blood cholesterol normal level and increase immunity; Vitamin E, antioxidants, chlorophyll – good for skin and hair vitalizing, moisturizing, massage and helps to prevent stretch marks for skin. Recommended for adults and children, vegans, sports enthusiasts, diet and indigestion. Use in salads, yogurth, porridges, saues, butter and drink 1 spoon per day to increase immunity. Grown in nordic climate. All production is based on bioenergy. Raw material is dried with a bio heater that uses wood chips from ditch bushes. Cereal terminal and food processing production is using solar energy from solar panels next to the production facility. Using bioenergy in production gives TJ Bio hemp oil good value for consumers – green consumption and small footprint for nature!