Black Garlic paste 60g

Black Garlic Paste is a handmade product, where garlic is thermally processed for weeks and then turned into paste. Our products are made only using garlic, warmth, time and love. No additives. The result is easy to use, healthy, sweet and sour umami-flavored paste, that turns both savory and sweet dishes into gourmet dishes. For home, food-industries, Ho-Re Ca.

Fresh garlic from organic EU agriculture is thermally processed up to 3 weeks at 70 degrees and then fine grated into paste, if necessary
drinking water is added for viscosity. No added flavoring or preservatives. High antioxidant levels, upto 70 times more than regular garlic.


Sektor: Toiduaine
Kontrollasutus: Veterinaar- ja toiduamet (EE-ÖKO-02)