• SECTOR: Organic food
  • Veterinary and Food Board: EE-ÖKO-02

Nordic Beef

Grasslands of Estonia are amongst the richest natural grasslands in the world. All animals that are raised according to scheme are living in their natural environment, grazing on pastures in summer and feeding on hay in the winter time. Besides the fact that the animals are stress free and happy, this way of managing the grasslands is also good for the environment.

The meat from organic grass-fed beef is super tasty, its also very nutritious and rich in healthy fats and vitamins. In order not to loose any parts of these tasteful quality beef we are producing a wide variatey of beef products.

Read more about the state certified grass-fed quality scheme at grassfedbeef.eu

Nordic Wild

Estonia is known for its massive forests that produce vegetation which is amongst the richest in the world. These forests are home for many wild animals therefore the traditions of hunting go far in this country.
After the local hunters had tasted some of our beef delicacies, they wanted to produce similar goods of their prey.

So we started to try out what one can make of wild elks, boars and deers. In cooperation with Estonian hunters, we have created The Nordic Wild – selection of products that are produced from the meat of Estonian wild animals. One of our missions is to help the Estonian game meat to make its way to the Estonian consumers – so far it has been widely exported from the country.

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