Magrada Organic Cosmetics

  • SECTOR: Natural beauty products
  • Natural skincare
  • Pure ingredients
  • Vegan products
  • Luxury handmade cosmetics

Magrada Organic Cosmetics was created to awaken the hidden natural beauty in all of us. This is a family company, with a dynamic mother-daughter duo as its driving force.

The beauty brand was established in 2016 and its roots are in Estonia, deep in the pristinely beautiful Hiiumaa island. This island – covered with pine forests and enchanting meadows and surrounded by crystal clear seawater – is the home island of Kaire and Lisanna, the creators of the Magrada brand. The Nordic ingredients of Magrada products have drawn their inspiration from the island’s diverse, untouched nature.

Each time Kaire and Lisanna return to Hiiumaa, they are overcome with the magical feeling of freedom. You lose the sense of time on the island, and the lapping sea and birdsong bring inner peace. This inspires new fanciful ideas about how to bring a piece of Hiiumaa’s beauty to people.

Magrada’s internationally awarded and recognised assortment reflects the super powers of the nature, high quality standards, and ethical values. The creators of the brand take special care to ensure that their products are pure, ecological, effective, and pleasantly aromatic.

We value minimalistic formulas, effective ingredients, and high quality in unison with the nature and beauty. All Magrada products are handcrafted in Northern Europe, with special attention to details. Each component adds uniqueness to the formula.

Magrada products are made in a laboratory in small batches after every 10–12 weeks to ensure their maximum freshness. Effective skincare and haircare products are created using effective Nordic ingredients, such as juniper, cranberry, melissa, calendula, oak, linden blossoms, and elder.

For centuries, these powerful herbs have been part of local beauty rituals. Magrada keeps this tradition alive by combining potent plants with daily beauty routines. The assortment of the nature cosmetics brand includes products for hair, face and body, and the products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The assortment also contains aesthetic home fragrances with wonderful aromas from oriental to cool Nordic scents.

The entire selection of Magrada Organic Cosmetics is free of mineral oils, parabens, artificial colours, and silicones. All products are vegan and they are not tested on animals.

Magrada means ‘I like’ in the Catalan language, and we like what we have created and are extremely happy that we can bring our products to you.

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