• SECTOR: Organic food
  • 100% from nature
  • Veterinary and Food Board: EE-ÖKO-02

Mr. Valjo Liivamägi, an innovative farmer and logistics specialist has been drinking birch sap for years, a positive experience that has had health benefits. Worth sharing, he decided. During starting years he was busy with developing good practices, ordering lab research to gain necessary certificates and establishing quality standards. Our product development has been recognised by leading producers of organic products in Europe, Naturkostsafterei Voelkel in Germany and we are proud of it.

Containing only 3.2 kcal per 100 ml (less than coconut water), birch sap has been a traditional beverage in Estonia as well as elsewhere in Northern Europe and Northern China and its collected only at the break of winter and spring. Folk uses vary from medicinal use, supplementary nutrition (minerals and vitamins) and cosmetic applications for skin and hair. Regular consumption of birch water has fortifying and tonic action.

The current product portfolio consists of frozen natural birch sap and birch sap concentrate (method: reverso osmosis, 10x). The latter of these is especially suitable for transportation.

Kasevetekohin OÜ