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Oryaku™ brand is launched for the personal care cosmetics products from natural mineral sea mud excavated from the Käina Bay Nature Reserve, located in the island of Hiiumaa. This mineral sea mud (INCI name: maris limus) from our secluded marine deposit is one of the most minerogenic and ecologically cleanest in the world having very low concentration of hazardous metals. Rich in bio-minerals and trace elements with the addition of natural humic, fulvic and amino acids, Oryaku™ face and body masks are used for aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.

Käina Bay mineral mud, scientifically known as peloid, is one of the highest quality of its kind and can be conveniently used as raw material by cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. It is safe to produce different types of cosmetic products from Käina Bay mineral mud for people with allergies and those who just appreciate a healthy lifestyle and want to use natural products and treatments. We are reliable ingredient supplier for the companies in their R&D activities, creating new product applications and unique customized formulations. We can offer white label solutions, as well freshly excavated, cleaned and homogenized raw mud in wet form or extra finely grinded powder in any quantity.

Käina Bay curative mud has also medically proven therapeutic effects inter alia for metabolism, rheumatism and immune system treatments. We supply mineral mud for the medical centers, SPA-s and massage parlors for their treatments and procedures.

Oryaku™ products are manufactured in Pakri Science and Industrial park with a responsible quality label, where we use renewable energy for production.