Nurme way of life

Nurme way of life values both physical and spiritual contentment and living in harmony with the nature. We believe that to live a happy and active life it’s essential to listen to your body. Good health begins with taking care of yourself, laughing a lot and enjoying your life!

Nurme quality

We make no compromises when it comes to the ingredients and quality of our products. Every soap, bodybutter, cream, oil – everything in our product range -we use only the best raw materials. In addition to domestic flowers and plants we also use valuable oil plants that help the skin and hair survive the harsh cold winters.

Nurme production

There is on little country at Europe- Estonia. In Estonia, there is one county Harjumaa…and in this couty there is small municipality Kose. In Kose tehere is village Liiva and in this village, there is one very old barn what is restored and serves our purpos of manufacturing.

About founder

Actually Nurme Natural Cosmetic company today is family enterprise. It is union of mother, father and daughter.
It all began from the daughter Marit when she discovered that she needed life change after she had a child. Year was then 2006.

By making soaps and bath products for friends and family, she discovered life changing benefits of handmade soaps.

After giving 800 soap bars away for free, she was more than sure- this lifestyle could change many people’s lives.

Nurme Looduskosmeetika OÜ