• SECTOR: Natural beauty products
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Not tested on animals

loond° mission is to share the strength of the strong plants and natural resources that grow in northern, clean and hard climate! Our products nourish the skin with beneficial ingredients, help you relax, stop and take time for yourself. loond° heartfelt desire is to keep the clean and untouched nature surrounding us and provide refreshment for future generations!

Selection of raw material

loond° products are inspired by the pure Nordic nature. Northern Europe, with its sparse population and clean air, has excellent natural conditions to guarantee the purity and high quality of the raw material. Our raw material comes from the upper North latitudes of the earth, where the growth environment is rough, but the nature is tougher and stronger. We have chosen the best ingredients and natural resources that are ecologically clean. loond° products are divided into product lines according to the latitude of the main raw material.

All loond° products are 100% natural, paraben and mineral oil free. We do not test on animals and our products are suitable for vegans.


loond° products are developed in collaboration with scientists and wellness spas and are designed for both professional and home use. We also have DERM products that are specially made for sensitive skin.

°loond57°N is based on Värska therapeutic freshwater mud and mineral water. In that product line we have face mud and face mist and for professional clients there is body mud for massage or body wraps.

°loond58°N is based on organic hemp oil. We have body oils and for professional clients massage oils.

°loond 53°N is based on rapeseed wax. In that product line we have refillable scented candles, massage candles that can be used at home for hand treatment and massage candles that are created for professional use.