Ervita Marjakasvatuse OÜ

At Ervita peatbog we grow lowbush blueberries (Vaccinium angustifolium). Berries are bigger than wild blueberries and much-much sweeter. Chemistry Institute of Tallinn Technical University has made a chemical analysis of our berries and it turned out that they contain all the same ingredients than wild blueberries but at lower concentrations. Just eat them more then!

Picking season starts at the end of July up to the beginning of September. Our market is Tallinn but we take them also to other part of Estonia and for some fans even to Finland. Anybody who is interested could come to pick berries to Ervita peatbog.

Blueberries are excellent for freezing to be used later for baking or just for making smoothies or just add berries to your breakfast yoghurt.