• SECTOR: cleaning product

Production of bioMinerata cleaning products

  • All bioMinerata detergents are accepted by VEGAN Society – So all the ingredients are from plants and animal cruelty free as well.
  • bioMinerata detergents are packaged into Green Plastic, which is environmentally friendly and made from sugar cane and not from fossil fuels
  • All bioMinerata detergents contain natural “mineral complex”, that is harvested from the water from deep inside the ground. Mineral Complex contains following macro elements, vital for health of the skin and the whole human body: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Sulfur and Fluor
  • Products also contain much needed micro elements, such as: Copper, Zink, Strontium, Manganese, Bromine, Lithium, and Selenium. For the health of the skin and it’s elasticity Selenium and Lithium play an important role.