• SECTOR: Organic food
  • Control Autohority: EE-ÖKO-02

We think that snacking should never be a guilty pleasure. Instead, it should always be a satisfying moment that adds some much-needed fuel to your day. In fact, we’ve found a way to ditch the sugar and all the unnecessary additives to create a treat with a boost of energy in every tasty bite. Containing only raw ingredients, each bar goes through the cold-press method to make sure that all the good stuff stays put and is always ready to lift you up whenever you’re feeling down.

We’ve selected a variety of locally grown raw ingredients, such as berries, apples and buckwheat straight from the fields. With a hint of clean air and a dash of pure nature, each “Ampstükk – Piece of bite” is a unique blend of flavours.

Made with minimally processed raw ingredients, like dried fruits and seeds, “Piece of bite” is a pure source of important fibres, minerals and vitamins. All of that combined with the cold-press method guarantees that every snack bar remains filled to the brim with nutritious (nutritional) benefits, leaving you full of raw power.