Aesti Skincare

  • SECTOR: Natural cosmetics

Aesti Skincare produces high-quality haircare and beauty products from Estonian pure peat.

Our mission is to provide customers natural, yet modern beauty maintenance products. Balneological peat in the Aesti product line is often considered the best natural medicine for human skin as it has been able to lock in minerals and bioactive substances from the plants growing in undisturbed conditions, for over thousands of years.

Ingredients in peat renew skin cells, improve blood flow and provide healthy nutrition for a beautiful skin.

We are looking for long-term export partners. We are proud to offer you Aesti Skincare peat products for sale in wholesale/retail and/or for professional beauty salons. Healthy and natural lifestyle is now very trendy and big market for products involved. Aesti Skincare products are exotic and fresh for consumers.

Our product range can give you valuable additional options and new customers, to grow your business.

We are also ready to develop and produce Private Label collections, as our peat products are developed and produced at high standards at world-class laboratories,  we can produce products for even the most demanding brands for expanding their product portfolio.