New generation organic humate fertilizers and soil improvers TURPS with
enhanced characteristics Introduction We have developed a group of novel organic peat-based humate fertilizers. The main qualities of TURPS are:
• all the components of the fertilizer are organic and they are processed using our
patented TURPS process
• TURPS is developed to fasten the plant root development after setting out and
therefore asuure faster flowering and fruition as well the increase of the crops at least 20-40%
• along the fertilizing effect TURPS increases the soil fertility and enriches it with
active organic substancesHumate fertilizers have some special properties:
• increase root respiration and root formation, resulting in a stronger root system
• facilitate absorption of nutrients and increases capacity for cation exchange
• provide energy and nutrition source to beneficial organisms that influence plant
health and soil fertility
• enhance aeration of soil and increase water retention of heavy and compact soils
• decrease the losses of water and nutrients in lighter, sandy soils
• minimize erosion by creating stronger root systems
• increase the abilities to grow higher quality crops
• enhance the performances of fertilizers
• increase strike rates and root growth of seeds
TURPS has the best efficiency while mixed with soil before sowing or setting
out the plants. The typical uses are:
• medium plants (tomatoes, strawberries etc) – mix ½ cup of TURPS with soil in
planting hole
• bushes – use 1 cup of TURPS, fruit trees – 1-3 liters per tree
• while sowing seeds – mix ½-1 liter of TURPS with higher layer of 1 m² of soil

Kaur Kuurme

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