Being organic starts from a state of mind

Like any big change, an organic lifestyle begins with a change in mindset. If a person has the desire, anything is possible.

We recommend starting with small things, because it can be overwhelming to change too much at once. Next time you shop, take a look at your food cart and replace some of the things with Estonian organic products. The second time, maybe a cleaning product or a natural cosmetic product.

When a person moves step by step towards a more organic lifestyle, more people will eventually follow, gradually changing the economy as a whole. The more organic thinkers there are, the more accessible organic products become.

Being organic is the only sustainable way of life

Organic production is environmentally friendly and does not use hazardous pesticides. This increases soil biodiversity and fertility, improves the environment for animals and birds and provides cleaner products for humans.

  • Gives impetus to rural life

    The organic economy creates new jobs and high value-added products, providing unique opportunities to reach foreign markets.

  • Gives strength to the body

    A clean environment and products are the best remedies for our body and health. Thus, less resources are spent on treating diseases and more on prevention.

  • Gives children a future

    Organic management looks to tomorrow, ensuring a dignified life for future generations.

Organic and natural products can be recognized by the label

Several labelling systems have been set up in Estonia and Europe to simplify choices. The easiest way to identify an organic product is by the use of the organic logo of the European Union, since its use is compulsory.

In addition, the labels are further divided into organic and eco-labels. The organic product is usually of agricultural origin and edible. Eco-products are generally manufactured goods and their raw materials may come from different sources.

Organic products

You can recognize an organic or a natural product or service by the organic label. Here you will find the best selection of organic products Estonian companies currently offer.

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