Organic facts

In today’s world, Estonia is a very rare sight. Its enormous amount of free space and abundant nature has very little human influence. We have a rich historical culture, a clean environment, and a strong commitment to staying local. With well-preserved knowledge of traditional harvesting, and a fast growing interest in continuing the necessity behind organic farming, it’s the harmony of that spirit, together with nature’s bounty, that will see an even better and thriving Estonia.

51% of Estonia's territory is covered by forests

45% of Estonian forests are potential organic harvesting area

22% of Estonian arable land is organic

23% of Estonia is a nature reserve

Benefits of organic thinking to the country

As an organic country, Estonia has unique prerequisites and opportunities to reach foreign markets, as a result of which, rural and agricultural activities are gaining momentum. New jobs and high quality added-value products will be created.

A cleaner environment also means better health for our human and animal populations, resulting in the need for less resources to cure disease, and more, for improving the well-being, better quality and longevity of our people.

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Map of organic areas and air monitoring

The map of Estonian organic areas gives an overview of organic fields, harvesting areas, and apiaries. The International Air Surveillance Map provides you with real time air monitoring results from around the world..

Map of organic areas Air surveillance map

Being organic starts from a state of mind

Being organic is a lifestyle that you carry with you every day, beginning with the smallest of actions.

How to live a more organic life?

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