Benefits of organic thinking to the country

In order to stand out amongst the bigger countries, we need to know what makes us unique. We cannot compete with high mountains, special minerals, or year-round sunshine.

However, compared to the rest of the world, there are rare phenomena in Estonia’s land and people. We have a rich traditional culture, a clean environment, a strong spirit to stay local, well-preserved knowledge of traditional harvesting, and growing organic farming that works in harmony with nature.

The image of being an ecological and organic country is something that seems to be out of reach for larger countries, and as a result, Estonia is an incredibly valuable tourist destination. As a clean environment, and the fruits of our pristine nature, drive the economy as a whole.

Benefits of organic thinking to the economy

Organic thinking stimulates rural economy by creating jobs and income. Organic thinking is an opportunity for the emergence of new vital partnerships where the combination of knowledge and capital supports economic growth.

Benefits of organic thinking to the environment

Organic management is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Nature is not burdened with synthetic fertilizers and plant protection products that reach the groundwater in conventional production. Organic production preserves the richness of all species.