Being organic is a way of life

Organic, eco and natural - words that are increasingly used and interpreted; in fact, everything begins with a certain mindset. It’s a lifestyle where activities are in harmony with the environment, and that communication with nature is honest.

The term organic can be attributed to anything - food, agriculture, economy, culture, development, science, manufacturing or government. This is the mindset that surrounds us, and can extend to every area of life.

For example, organic animal husbandry pays great attention to animal welfare, organic products are made without genetically modified organisms and there are no harmful residues of synthetic plant protection products in organic food.

Organic and natural products can be recognized by the label

Several labelling systems have been set up in Estonia and Europe to simplify choices. The easiest way to identify an organic product is by the use of the organic logo of the European Union, since its use is compulsory.

In addition, the labels are further divided into organic and eco-labels. The organic product is usually edible and of agricultural origin. Eco-products are generally manufactured goods, and their raw materials may come from different sources.

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Our vision

We see Estonia as vivacious, clean, and responsible, working in harmony with nature, while becoming a model for sustainable and balanced development throughout the world.

  • Organic nature

    We see Estonia as a country where forests no longer see the need for mineral fertilizers, where genetically modified organisms and pesticides are a thing of the past, and where more than half of the arable area is dedicated to organic activities.

  • Production and Export

    We see Estonia as a country where food and cosmetics are made in harmony with nature, without artificial cultures and artificial substances, and instead containing local flavours, natural colours and aromas.

  • Turism and Culture

    We see Estonia as a country where guests are welcomed by the environment, a variety of nature tourism opportunities, and by establishments using organic and raw materials. Introducing our traditional culture, our innovative solutions, and our artistic endeavors, helps us to share and preserve the beauty of Estonia.

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Being organic starts from a state of mind

Being organic is a lifestyle that you carry with you every day and starts from the smallest of deeds. The easiest step towards an organic lifestyle is to look at your consumption habits.

How to live a more organic life?

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