Our chocolate factory is located in old Roosiku schoolhouse, that was built in 1881. The school operated here until 2008, when the house was abandoned for several years and left to their fate. In 2015 the Life brought together our six-child family with this venerable building, which became a home for us and our children, and also the slot for our chocolate factory. Today, this house offers shelter to even more people, as well as a small cosy chocolate and ice cream café. Just as our entire house, as well as our production is vegan, low sugar content and the ecological line follower.

Most of the chocolates that we produce are raw but unlike the widespread understanding that raw chocolate is something strong and bitter, we have created a series of products and recipes that can refute this myth with its softness, silkiness, and taste nuances. The story of our chocolates begins by carefully choosing ingredients. We use organic, wild and primarily raw ingredients. To sweeten chocolate, we use coconut blossom sugar instead of refined sugar.

As our chocolate factory is surrounded by gently rolling hills and forests, we get a lot of inspiration from the pure nature. For instance, we have assortment of chocolates with freeze-dried berries from local forests that add healthiness to the chocolates and surprise with delightful and fresh tastes.

As a symbol of better life. From heart to heart!

Organic and vegan. Naturally.

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