We are passionate about honey

We are a family apiary, kept by Allan and Riin Liht. We are passionate about honey and living an organic lifestyle. In 2016 we
decided to start our own apiary. Our mission is to produce high quality honey for our family and provide same quality and passion
for our trading partners.

Our beehives are located in the forests and grasslands in Estonia, as it is a country where over half of its surface is covered with forest.

Riin has over twenty years experience in the field of marketing. “Bees are the opposite to office lifestyle – they fill it with passion for
nature.” She has acquired beekeeper’s profession standard No 5 that qualifies her to be officially responsible for apiary and gives the
authority to mentor beekeepers.

Allan is a true nature man, who spends more time in nature – forests, mountains, sea – than in the city. “Bees were my link from the world that I have discovered before.” He has the skill for wood craft and all the inventory for bees is built by him.

Enjoy the Delicious Taste of MÖM Organic Honey

MÖM Organic Honey is a supplier of high quality certified organic honey from Northern wilderness in Estonia. It originates in forests and meadows that are far from pesticides and commercial agriculture. We are dedicated to quality and sustainable beekeeping with love. This means that the bees health and well-being are our top priority.
Our craft honey is natural, it is not heated, so all the good elements that make honey to protect your immune system remain the highest possible level. Enjoy the delicious and distinctive taste of MÖM Organic Honey knowing that you are doing your part to encourage sustainable land use and beekeeping.