Metsaserva Mesi

Original and unique Estonian honey

In the Northern climate zone where summers are short, plants must be able to grow at a rapid pace – they are therefore incredibly resilient. We have an exceptionally wide range of plants, which makes the nectar collected from them unique. Many nectariferous plants, i.e. dandelion, raspberry, viper’s bugloss, basswood, fireweed etc. are medicinal. Their nectar carries the concentrated therapeutic characteristics of these plants and thus, the honey is very bioactive and useful against a variety of ailments.

Estonia has one of the highest percentage of forests in Europe (54% of the land area). Thanks to the diversity of our forest plants, we have more valuable and bioactive honey.

Metsaserva Mesi OÜ is mainly active in organic beekeeping. In addition, it also operates in organic farming and growing melliferous plants.

Organic beehives are located in the Otepää Landscape Protection Area in South Estonia. A 3 km radius around the hives is a registered and supervised organic bee pasture with a clean and diversified natural environment. Nectar is mainly collected from forest and meadow plants. The wellbeing of bees is the primary concern in beekeeping and apiculturists intervene with bees’ lives only when absolutely necessary. Instead of drugs, only various organic substances are used, if necessary.

Freshly extracted honey is packaged right after the purification into glass containers to maintain all the useful substances and high bioactivity.

The quality of our honey is guaranteed by a trustworthy beekeeper – I can guarantee that due to my experience and professional competence.

Allan Sarap, owner and beekeeper of OÜ METSASERVA MESI