Estonian Organic Protein Cooperation

  • SECTOR: Organic food
  • Veterinary and Food Board: EE-ÖKO-02

Organic Estonian Protein Cooperation is Estonia’s (EU) biggest hemp cooperation with over half the nation’s hemp area. In its newly built facility the cooperation can clean and hull its hemp seeds to world-class quality.

We only sell organic and Estonian or EU grown products. The raw material and finished products are tested for purity, microbiology, pesticides, herbicides and other parameters to ensure high-quality product. Seed cleaning and processing is done with brand new equipment (screen, gravity and optical sorting) and in a hemp-only facility, so no other allergens or gluten.

Here you can see a video of our finished product right after the last operation – optical sorting. So you know that it is not advertising material, but it gives you a true picture what quality we can do.

Estonian Organic Protein Cooperation