The product family of HONEST NEKTAR is born out of the responsibility towards the customer.
Honey is one of the most adulterated foods on the world market. Therefore, it is important for us to give our consumers a 100% guarantee of the authenticity and origin of the product. HONEST NEKTAR gives the customer access to the source and supply chain of the honey through a QR code and a web link ( on the jar´s label. Through these, the buyer can get acquainted with the producer of a specific jar of honey, foraging area of the bees, and the plants providing the nectar.
The value proposition of HONEST NEKTAR honey to the customer:
– Complete traceability of the product.
– Responsibility and ethics, 100% guarantee of authenticity, Estonian origin and quality.
– Diverse Nordic wild and pure nature as a source of Estonian honey.

We have co-operation agreements with more than 10 of the largest Estonian beekeepers and these agreements cover over 30% of the organic honey market in Estonia. We choose the beekeepers with only the highest production standards and test the quality and authenticity of the honey supplied by them. We value responsibility and ethics in order to guarantee the customer premium quality genuine honey.

Estonia is well-known for its untouchable nature – Estonian landscapes, forests and meadows are ideal for foraging bees. In Northern climate, only viable plants survive: our nature is full of diverse and wild plants producing nectar rich in taste and vitamins. HONEST NEKTAR organic honey expresses the essence of Estonian pure and wild nature. To make this honey, thousands of bees collect nectar from a variety of plants that are resistant to Nordic conditions. They carefully transfer it to the hive, evaporate the excess moisture and add good enzymes. This is how HONEST NEKTAR’s premium quality honey is produced from a clean Nordic environment. This honey meets the requirements of the European organic certificate.

HONEST NEKTAR organic honey is natural and genuine, we do not pasteurize our honey. We are flexible in terms of packaging size and material according to the needs of specific markets. We have our premium product line in glass jars, but we also have a biodegradable cardboard cup alternative for environmentally conscious organic consumer.

IKTOS Ltd specialises in the sales of honey products. We market different honey brands – MUHE MESI, SIRELI, NEKTAR, HONEST NEKTAR – and our honey products can be found in every Estonian retail chain. All the people behind our operation are beekeepers themselves, so being really fond of bees, honey and the nature comes naturally for us. We are also active members of the Estonian Professional Beekeeper´s Association, aiming to enhance the overall sector.

Export countries

Jaapan, Vietnam

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