15.06.2019 / Taani

Estonian entrepreneurs celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Danish flag

The most important legend of Denmark was born 800 years ago. Long term bonds between Estonia and Denmark were established when the red flag with the white cross, Dannebrog, fell from the blue sky in the middle of a melee here in Medieval Livonia.
Grand jubilee is celebrated on June 15th all over Denmark and the Crown Prince Family of Denmark will take part of the festive events.
Organic Estonia along with its (member) companies and Estonian Embassy (siin on mingi lause poolik, keegi on jäänud märkimata)
are celebrating 800th anniversary of the flag of Denmark in Vordingborg at grand festival and fair. There will be big Estonian area where Organic Estonia along with its member companies can introduce and sell Estonian organic and natural products. Olde Hansa, Tallinn Designe House, LuminaNordica LLC and many more Estonian companies will be joining the celebration.
Such emotionally connected events between Estonia and Denmark are great opportunity for Estonian entrepreneurs to introduce their products to Danish people and companies out there. The Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to Denmark, Märt Volmer says that with Dannebrog and royal visit to the celebration, Voldingborg is expecting 10 000 visitors, bulk of media and attention.
Estonian people can use two tents in the town square: one for Olde Hansa pop-up restaurant and other for Organic Estonia together with Estonian Embassy, EAS and Estonian companies, who have the opportunity to share their story and introduce products to anyone passing or visiting the celebration.