Who we are?

Organic Estonia is an umbrella organization that serves as a B2B platform for organic companies, bringing together providers of certified and natural products of Estonia for the purposes of joint marketing and export.

The members of Organic Estonia are organic economy companies whose business activities follow sustainable, organic and green mentality and are environmentally friendly business practices that create products and services with higher added value or which are certified.

What we do?

We represent Estonian organic companies abroad through the joint marketing portfolio.

We consult and provide advice to international companies for finding organic farming and natural products partners in Estonia.

We facilitate and encourage entrepreneurs to develop new products and services that have high added value and export potential.

We are the international cooperation partner for the respective organic organisations abroad.

We organise

We organize joint marketing campaigns for Estonian companies in retail chains abroad.

For example, in areas such as wood industry, the use of biological resources, organic farming, organic food and catering; fisheries and aquaculture, ecological and natural pharmaceutics, eco-cosmetics and eco-cleaners; ecological and health tourism; organic textiles and wool and so on.

Our idea

Organic Estonia sees Estonia as rich, clean, responsible, caring and in harmony with nature, becoming a model for sustainable and balanced development worldwide.

Our mission is to bring together people, businesses, and the country to find ways to move towards an Estonia that operates first and foremost, as an organic country.

Contact us

If you have any questions about Estonia, organic products or cooperation, just let us know.

Organic Estonia MTÜ

Reg. nr. 80393781
Sirge 2, Tallinn 10618, Estonia

EE442200 2210 6331 7755



  • Krista Kulderknup

    +372 507 6551

  • Helena Tiitum

    Office Manager

  • Joel Kirsimaa

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Janne Funk

    Export Advisor, Japan

  • Siiri Lehtmets

    Export Project Manager

  • Rait Verrev

    Organic farming adviser - consultant

  • Kairi Loik

    Project Manager / volunteer

  • Tiina Vares

    Environmental Information Manager / Volunteer

  • Elli Feldberg

    Organic certificate consultant

  • Helen Arusoo

    Coordinator of International Projects