Estonia is very rare sight in the world with its free space and a nature that has very little human influence. We have a rich traditional culture, a clean environment, a strong spirit to stay local, well-preserved knowledge of traditional harvesting, and organic and growing organic farming that works in harmony with nature. Our national goal is for 51% of Estonia to be organic area.

51% of Estonia's territory is covered by forests

45% of Estonian forests are potential organic harvesting areas

22% of Estonian arable land is organic

23% of Estonia is a nature reserve

Small but big

Having regained our independence in 1991 Estonia has worked hard to grow out of a post-soviet state into one of the leading tech countries in the world, Estonians take pride in their forward-looking attitude. This small country of just 1,3 million residents is the birthplace of Skype, Transferwise, GrabCAD, World Cleanup Day and the first country in the world to adopt online voting.

Organic Estonia

The goal of Organic Estonia is to develop Estonia's organic culture and economy. In 2017, we helped our country's government adopt a comprehensive organic economy program. The aim of the program is to turn the organic economy into a significant branch of economy and export, increase the export of value added products of Estonian companies, and design preconditions for the creation of new jobs.

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Organic products

Organic Estonia member companies offer the best selection of Estonian organic products.

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