Estonian developer and producer of complementary feeds

Anu Ait OÜ (Anu Barn) is an Estonian developer and producer of complementary feeds since 1999. Aiming at improving animal health for viable output, its long-term knowledge and research background in partnership with an agricultural university, sustain quality and economic feasibility for clients.

Trusted on the market, all products by Anu Barn are made of high quality raw materials which contribute to combinations of best natural effect on animals and economical farming.

Product range has been designed for different age and production groups of different (agricultural) animals. Complementary feeds can be prepared according to clients’ specific requirement. The delivery of goods is always precise and fast.

In addition, Anu Barn provides an advice service – reliable and always available. Regular farm visits keep constant focus on improvement as well as problem-solving.

OÜ Anu Ait